• Wish you could go back in time but you know you can't.
  • Want to be happy again even though your husband died?

Do you find yourself thinking:

"This can't be all there is to my life!"

and it doesn't have to be!

I'm Terriann

A Widow Myself BUT LIVING Happy and Optimistic

I help widows to:

Stop sitting on the sidelines of life wondering

who she is now and how she's supposed to act full of

  • Uncertainty
  • Guilt
  • Confusion

Hi there sweet girl... hope begins here


Better Days Blueprint

A Self-Study 4-Lesson Empowerment Course


Modules - Workbooks - Writing Activities

and Tons of Bonuses!

When I became widowed, I learned a few hard truths real quick!

To name one:

Everything we do as widows feels wildly more difficult

and....There is a HUGE problem with society’s expectations of Widowed Women

that no one is talking about.


...to live in a way that helps EVERYONE ELSE to be okay.


We've been taught to believe it is what it is.

There's a reason for that.

It's because no one is addressing the root problem.

The root problem is widowhood is different than any other death or loss .

Which makes everyone else feel uncomfortable because they don't have a clue what to say or do.

We don't have to stand by and let ourselves feel bad about these ridiculous expectations!

Today, more and more widowed women will choose to stand in their confidence and power.


No more sitting on the

sidelines of life

filled self-doubt and regrets


What makes Terriann an expert you might ask?


When I became a widow, I didn't know who I should be.

Or how I was "supposed" to act.

Hi I'm Terriann

I felt awkward and uncertain with NO clue where to start to reconstruct my life because let's face it as widows we all have to figure out how to live on our own.

After the loss of my husband deep in my bones my entire world shattered. Coupled with several other losses I was a burned out mess.

Widowhood is the hardest thing I've ever done.

I tried getting help...

but facts are if they haven't been through it they couldn't really help.



Frozen in time and misery.

I was forced to manage all the things that fell on my shoulders whether I had the wherewithal or not...

I don't have to preach to the choir...

you know first hand how hard it is to lose your person.

Becoming part of an exclusive club where only widows belong

a club none of us want to be part of

Working with Terriann's courses has given me renewed hope. I no longer feel guilty for investing some time and money on myself. I made the decision to be happy again. I became obsessed on wanting to be happy again. 

It takes courage to open up, be vulnerable, dive in, and make the decision to be happy again!  Terriann is authentic and shares her firsthand experiences and knowledge with raw transparency, which is encouraging and inspirational. I was gently and lovingly helped to accept my story and given a positive outlook to my new confident self.


Can you feel yourself disappearing

more and more each day?


  • Sleepless nights, fatigue & brain fog?
  • Feel lost and empty, not able to relax, let alone, pamper or take care of yourself? 
  • Feel tired, lonely, and bored, afraid you've missed your chance to be happy?​
  • No clue where to start and little energy to get it all done?
  • ​Seems like no one gets you, not even yourself?

Kate W.

"Terriann shows us how to cope and how to move forward.

There's a life to live and love for all of us. It's something I've

not found elsewhere.

Being able to organize myself and my life, is life changing, managing stress and time to

do the things I love!"

If I'm guessing correctly... this may resonate 👇🏼

  • Feel as if your life is out of control?
  • Lonely even when surrounded by family or friends.
  • Can't get positive traction in home organization.
  • Self-Care is practically non-existent
  • Loathe feeling so helpless.

If you're like me - you've done much of the following:

tried dozens of things... anything to get a grasp on life only to feel discouraged and

quite frankly pissed off...

...working with multiple doctors trying tons of medications

several therapists who were not widowed and basically had no clue

the books oh mah gosh all the books... read soooo many self-help books

all to keep coming up flat or with minimal forward motion hardly sustainable results

I was seriously close to accepting my small mediocre lonely life

With a lot of time and money spent and I do mean a lot...


I had EFFORT FATIGUE (it's a thing dag-nabbit!) it was suffocating doing it all on my own. I was consumed with getting "better"!

After all the trying and failing

Eventually I began to see light at the end of the tunnel ☀️

I became an advocate and liaison for my sister widows to find their

new happy life too!!


Renegade Widow emerged

I built a business and life I love living.

I became a champion for my sister widow's MIND-BODY-SOUL wellness

helping each widowed women to find their new BEST life too!

The Exclusive to Widows Life-Changing Program

Better Days Blueprint

is Heeeere!!! 

  • Unlock the Mindset Shifts that Increase Time helping you to time FREEDOM to what you enjoy doing
  • Restore Order daily in yourself and your surroundings so you can Get to know the new YOU
  •  Live in Your Purpose Everyday so you can fall into bed at night content and ready to sleep soundly
  • ​Discover the missing piece and unstuck yourself which will help you to feel good about YOU 
  • ​Take Charge of your Daily Life once and for all so that you can be happy again


Slay your Day like a Boss

Learn to take charge of your days! Included is how to use a Proven Time Technique keeping you focused and crossing off all of your task for the day!

Essential Practices

Is just that, in this module we’ve included simple self-care habits to help you feel confident, empowered, and full of energy for the day.

Space for all Good Things

Where you’ll be able to identify tie and energy sucks. Break free from emotional and physical gunk and clutter.

Slay the Dragon of Negative Self Talk

this module is crazy powerful.

Cutting out words that don’t serve your greater good. Learn to pivot your statements to magically attract exactly what you DO want.



Slay The Day Planner

(Value $9)

Learn to prioritize your day and get more done! An effective tool to plan and implement daily tasks. FREE beautiful crafted planner.

This planner can be printed or used as a daily workable document.


Ultimate Intention Letter

(Value $17)

Learn to design your life with purpose and meaning, growth, personal fulfillment and joy.

Define and align with your goals even if you’ve had the same wish and desire for years!


Make Your Days Better Journal

(Value $7)

Reflect on your week and record accomplishments, gratitude, silver linings, mindful moments, and your desires in a beautifully crafted journal.

Journaling causes you to be introspective with your thoughts and feelings, thereby gaining valuable self-knowledge.

Getting to this point in our lives doesn't come easy.

Surviving the loss of our husbands and all the trials and challenges

that come with that loss,

we become Super Humans Walking on Earth.

Grief is NOT for the weak of mind.

It takes grit and courage.

Let me just tell you, I have a lot of Grit and Courage.

(wiping sweat from my brow)

Lacking wisdom or knowledge of how to process my grief and emotions

I continued the pattern of what I was taught.

I was taught to stuff the heart wrenching sadness of loss

deep in my soul as best I could.

Lipstick on. Dammit I was


Smiles generously given... even when I was so very sad.

I did whatever it took to make sure everyone else was okay. I didn’t want to make them uncomfortable by crying or showing any sadness.

I was just freaking dandy.

It comes to no surprise, my mind and body suffered with...

chronic fatigue

weight gain

achy, full body inflammation.

which, by the way, doesn't get better until you get better.

Making that first call to ask for help was a monumental time in my grief journey.

I realized

all along

it had been up to me to take action.

I had risen to the occasion to reclaim peace in the very pain that had kept me stuck for much longer than I like to think about.

I learned to block my time to keep me focused.

My heart began to feel expansive and free.

It turns out, taking action no matter how uncertain I felt was exactly what HAD to happen.

For some, it’s longer.

For others, it’s quicker.

Only you know when it’s time for you to take action to get you where you want or need to go.

It seems as though God helped me each step of the way.

He knew I needed the time and rest I took that first year. He also knew when I need to catapult into action to find myself.

He led me exactly where I needed to go.

I knew enough to follow.

The journey was bumpy and hard.

BUT I know it all had to happen so I could help YOU and all of the widows that come into my life.

And so.......

Better Days Blueprint

is based on my own

loss experiences and what I needed to learn to thrive again.

You can build and live a new life you LOVE to live

even if it feels impossible!


Are you Ready to Bloom?

To Explore the New YOU......

but Don't Know Where to Start?

You Have NOTHING to Lose and

Everything to Gain

Oh happy day!!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!!

Better Days Blueprint

An easy roadmap for widowed

women stuck in a loop of...

Uncertainty and

Self-Doubt Mind Chatter.

Be the girl that says:

"I'm glad I did" and not "I wish I had"!!

It's time for YOU

to step into YOUR POWER

claim YOUR voice

in a way YOU can be proud of 




Raise your hand if you KNOW deep in your Soul

there is a better life waiting for you!

Declare your Place in this World...

  • Have Time and Clarity to Care for your own Mind and Body! 
  • ​Have a Calm and Organized Home and Work-Life! 
  • ​Be Present, Focused, and Connected!
  • ​Look Forward to a Fun life! 
  • ​Enjoy a Life that you are Proud to Share with your Community!
  • ​Seriously....Stop Negative Self-Talk Before It Consumes you!
  • ​Drop Guilt and Resentment of the Past!
  • Embrace Joy, Hope, and Forgiveness

I am so happy you found your way here... and I hope you have enough faith to say yes to you!!

Using the exact steps I used:

to thrive and

take charge of my life

I am honored (and excited)

to help

women across the globe

to do the same.

To live a life that can finally

feel better.

Women just like you are making huge strides toward her


Imagine the feeling of knowing EXACTLY how to spend

your time day-to-day showing up authentically in

your own original way:

Feeling truly happy

Proud of who you've become

Full of confidence

The Better Days Blueprint

  • More Time and Clarity
  •  Restore Order in your Day-to-Day Life
  •  More Energy and Purpose 
  • Confidence... did I mention Confidence???

Imagine releasing uncertainty, having space for the things you desire.

Are you ready to start your transformation? 💕


Once you have implemented the empowerment tools for 30 days,

and if your days are not better with more


in your life - we will give you a full refund.

If you aren’t waking up calm and refreshed after finishing a month of SPARKLE MEDITATION , JOURNALING, LIVING WITH INTENTION like I teach in this mini course, you deserve your money back

I'll refund your payment.

There is NO RISK... only REWARD!



You'll get all the goodies Plus Even More:


Sparkle Your Day Meditation

Kick your day off with Sparkle and Ease. During this delightful morning meditation, enjoy the feeling of flowing and glowing through your day! Spending less than 10 minutes a day to feel grounded and centered.


Printable Affirmations 

Simple, short, powerful statements affect the conscious and subconscious mind, which, in turn, affect our behavior and thought patterns.

Print and hang them up as great reminders of your journey!


Morning Routine

Prepare to start your day out strong with purpose and intention.

Giving yourself some much needed "me time" can make all the difference.

Head out the door with a sense of calm and purpose and get your feet under you before the day kicks into full gear!

  • Don’t live another day fighting with the stomach-churning feeling of uncertainty.
  • Wake up tomorrow with more time and energy to connect with your loved ones.
  • Imagine a life where you can spend more time embracing your passions.
  • ​What would it feel like to leave your self-limiting beliefs in the past?
  • ​Start building your future today, so you can enjoy your family, friends and career and look forward to a retirement full of contentment.

“Having no extra time and no energy,

I was burned out.

I didn’t know where to start.

I needed a way to fix what was holding me back.

With a clear path of how to reset

Better Days Blueprint helped me to

see incremental progress, clarity, wisdom,

..... and a renewed sense of self-confidence!”


 Stop time from slipping away, like sand through your fingers, and 

start experiencing a new joy that you didn’t know was right 

there waiting for you

 Stop time from slipping away, like sand through your fingers, and 

start experiencing a new joy that you didn’t know was right 

there waiting for you

There is no time like the present to cultivate the life you want.

  • Slay The Day Like A Boss fillable workbook (value $97)
  • Essential Practices For Success fillable workbook (value $97)
  • Space For All Things Good fillable workbook (value $97)
  • Slay The Dragon; Invite In The Magic fillable workbook (value $97)
  • BONUS #1 Slay The Day Like A Boss Daily Planner printable and fillable (value $9)
  • BONUS #2 Ultimate Intention Letter to design your life with purpose and meaning (value $17)
  • BONUS #3 Make Your Days Better to reflect on your week - (value $7)
  • SUPER BONUS #1 Sparkle Your Morning Meditation (invaluable use over and over again)
  • SUPER BONUS #2 Gorgeous Empowering Printable Affirmations ($ invaluable)
  • SUPER BONUS #3 Morning Routine Printable- feel balanced every single day ($invaluable)

Regular Price - $421

Today's Limited Price - $24



You get this insane low price

BUT once the Training Videos are Recorded and added


Are YOU a

Renegade Widow

or do you procrastinate and only

wish you were?

Working with Terriann was life changing for me, she helped me see things from a new perspective and this allowed me to take charge of how I handle my life moving forward in a much better way.

The goal was to make me a better me. Thanks to Terriann's programs I am able to go through life with the confidence I needed to know that I can do anything I decide to do.

- JENNY H.  

How is Better Day Blueprint different from other programs?

The very thing that makes all of my work different is my holistic approach!

Together, we address mind, body, heart, and soul, so that you feel better

in ALL areas of your life.


I offer over 40 years grief, growth, and greatness experience just for you.  

Take a look at our testimonials!

This program is well-rounded and you will be amazed how quickly

you'll feel better.

Whatever you do,



Our money-back guarantee makes it easy for you!


This can be your moment.

The moment you look back on as the turning point. Your moment to set your life up to

look forward to the rest of your days.

 Your moment to invite magic back into your life:

joy, happiness, calm, confidence, love, connection, wonder, creativity.

– the TIME to do what you want to do

The good news and the bad news are...


You've Got Questions - We've Got Answers



How much time will I need to do this Program?

Each lesson can be completed in 20 minutes or less. You do have the latitude to spend more time reflecting, journaling, and working toward your best days! 

You get to Decide!


Do you offer refunds?

Yep! We have a money-back guarantee for 30 days! If you really give this program a chance to create your transformation and feel like your life is still stagnant and do not see positive change, reach out to us. We will do whatever it takes to make things right!


I'm helping care for my parents or young children- will this help me?

More than ever, you need this program! As a caregiver, along with all of the other demands of your regular life, it is so easy to lose a grip on all of the balls you need to keep in the air. We believe when you take a few minutes a day to take care of yourself, you will FEEL MORE PEACE, MORE CALM, AND HAVE MORE TIME to take care of all of your responsibilities.


How quickly will I see results?

We are confident and believe you WILL see results immediately! The act of taking action is hugely powerful!! Add a can-do mindset and you literally feel more pep in your step, hope, and more smiles!

Like any lasting change, repetition is the key to seeing the change, we know, deep down inside you want. 


How is the program rolled out? 

You'll receive a log in and password to your own private portal. 

Everything can be done online or you may print out your lessons, affirmations, planners, PDF's, cheat sheets, etc. The video and recordings are always easily accessed in your portal. 


Will you be adding more programs in the future?

Yes, at Renegade Widow, we offer a selection of options to support our Renegade Widow clients. If you feel you could benefit from some additional support, I am happy to hop on a call to chat it over. I'm thrilled to have you as part of our extended family and want to help in any and all the ways I can. 

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Terriann & Cristi here to share with you this easily customized blueprint.

Deliberate Day is just that, a movement to expanding practices for a better day and ultimately a better life, a life full of clarity, hope, and passion. 

A life where you can be, do, and have whatever her heart desires. 


You’ll get so much value from Deliberate Day; 

you’ll be shocked we only charge $37 for such a thing.