Find your place & purpose in your new life

Widowed Instantly Changes our State of Mind,

as if the rug is pulled out from under us.

Remaining in a State of Confusion and Chaos long-term can wreak Havoc on our Entire Present and Future Life

Is everything you attempt to do difficult?

Does completing mundane tasks overwhelm you?

I was able to reclaim joy, fun, peace, calm, and balance after the loss of my husband,

I'd like to help you to take charge of your day-to-day life

Stand in Your Power and Get Life on Track with my Super Simple Blueprint.

Are you a woman who has had her world completely devastated and turned upside down, who is NOW ready for transformation into your new BEST SELF? 

This online course, with modules, video lessons, workbooks, easy to complete tactics, all is designed with you in mind! 

You'll get powerful tools to help you transform from the mold and stigma of widowhood to the thriving woman you want to be! 

One easy step at a time, take charge of life.


Ya know, instead of embracing life, enjoying your days, it feels like your smile has fled from your face. :( 

The thought of moving forward is a lot harder than you thought.  

Maybe you're afraid that you'll be judged, that no one will ever understand you, questioning your motives. 

I'll bet you majorly fear the "What are you doing?" question, because... hmm, it's hard to say, "I want to live again." Oh, and overwhelm, it's your constant companion. 

Been there. Done that. Got the tee-shirt.

I spent more time than I'd like to admit, on the widowhood struggle bus. 

The Life-Changing Program, Better Days Blueprint, is Heeeere!!! 
  • Unlock the Mindset Shifts that Increase Time helping you to DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO
  • Restore Order daily in yourself and your surroundings so you can Get to know the new YOU
  •  Live in Your Purpose Everyday so you can fall into bed at night content and ready to sleep soundly
  • ​Discover the missing piece and unstuck yourself which will help you to feel good about YOU 
  • ​Take Charge of your Daily Life once and for all so that you can be happy again


Are you Ready to Bloom, 

to  Explore the New YOU...... but Don't Know Where to Start?

Better Days Blueprint

A roadmap for widowed women stuck in a loop of uncertainty & Mind Chatter. 

 Women who want more quality time, more joy, more balance so they can reclaim their 

sense of self, peace,

wonder, gratitude, and love.

There is a HUGE problem with society’s expectations of Widowed Women that 

no one is talking about.  

FOR CENTURIES, WIDOWed Women HAVE BEEN EXPECTED TO live the mold that makes others comfortable. 

We've been taught to believe it is what it is. Today, more women will choose to become all they can be before it's too late, to stop living small and insignificant. 

It's about time more women step into thier POWER, to claim her voice and to live in a way she can be proud of. 


when my widow walk began, I felt alone and lost... I'm here to help you figure out how to live in a way that feel right and good!  

Raise your hand if you KNOW deep in your Soul there is a better life waiting for you on the other side of that mountain of WIDOW STIGMAS.

  • Are you dealing with sleepless nights, fatigue & brain fog throughout your days?
  • Are you lost and empty, not able to relax, let alone, pamper or take care of yourself? 
  • Do you feel tired, lonely, and bored at the end of the day, afraid you've missed your chance?​
  • ​Do you miss the freedom and ability to dream and discover new things?
  • Everything takes LONGER, with not enough time in the day to focus (if you can focus at all) on everything on your to-do list? 
  • ​Have you poured all of your energy into trying to heal with not much luck and are afraid there is nothing in life left for you?
  • ​Can you sense that your family and friends know that something has changed? You're ready to live again, but you're afraid to tell anyone, afraid they..... might judge you, give unsolicited advice, or....? 
  • ​What would you trade to be comfortable in your skin again, to enjoy life freely and without a gut full of guilt?
Can you feel yourself disappearing

more and more each day?


Declare your power...

  • Have Time and Energy to Care for your own Mind and Body 
  • ​Have a Calm and Organized Home and Work-Life 
  • ​Be Present, Focused, and Connected to Yourself, Family, and Friends
  • ​Look Forward to a Fun life  
  • ​Easily Create and Enjoy a Life that you are Proud to Share with your Community
  • ​Seriously....Stop Negative Self-Talk Before It Consumes you
  • Drop Guilt and Resentment of the Past, Embrace Joy, Hope, and Forgiveness

I am so happy you found your way here... and I hope you have enough faith to say yes to you!!  

I’m Terriann Muller, 

a difference-maker strategist for widowed women. 

After feeling like I couldn't tell up from down, after the loss of my husband, my heart hurt so bad.

When I got a point I could no longer stand the misery I was in, with a lot of starts and fails, I nailed it!

Taking all the modalities I used, to restart a life I loved, I created my own step-by-step process,

(it's exactly what I teach my clients) that I've used to live a life I adore.


As a young widow, weary and hopeless, nearly a decade ago, I was on the verge of giving up hope of a better life, resigning to a life of living small and fearful, surviving and certainly not thriving.  

With years of self-study, trial and error, wasting time, money and precious energy on false claims, I was finally able to experience true clarity, confidence, contentment, and truly be happy again. (no more fake smiles to appease others) 

Using the exact steps that made me whole again and the ability take charge of my life, 

I help women across the globe to reclaim, renew, and redesign her life in a way that feels good, a life that can finally feel better. 

I help women, just like you, get to know love her BEST SELF!

Imagine feeling like you know EXACTLY how to spend your time, day-to-day, week-to-week, to show up authentically, in your own original way of living life, being happy, feeling confident, feeling proud of who you have become. Finally, get out there and

start living life on purpose. 

The Better Days Blueprint

Reclaim Your Time. 

Restore Order. 

Redesign Your Life for Authentic Joy. 

This program is exclusively for widowed women. 

If you're stuck in a loop of fear, exhaustion, self-doubt, brain fog, denial and SO. MUCH. MORE..... this is for YOU. 


Are you craving to fully live again, to dream, and to have hope? 



Imagine being PROUD OF YOU every day.

Imagine releasing uncertainty, having space for the things you desire.

Are you ready for your transformation? 💕

In this Program You Will Learn How To:

  • Simplify your day-to-day life so you can feel present each day. 
  • Take charge of your daily calendar so that you have the presents of mind, along with the desire and energy to explore this renewed zest for life.
  • Finally, and once and for all, learn to say NO to Fear and Self-Doubt so that you have time to focus on living ALL better days!
  • Say goodbye to the physical things that are blocking you from embracing your passions so you can live a more purposeful life.
  • Move on from bitterness and resentment of the past and forgive yourself and others.
  • ​Confidently swing open the door and invite friends in knowing your mind and home are tidy and organized.
  • Stop Negative Self-Talk Before It Sabotages your Success and Saps your Energy.
  • ​Learn to finally TAKE CHARGE of your LIFE AGAIN ..... KEEP READING!

What's inside 
Better Days Blueprint 

Slay the Day Like a Boss

Focus on the task at hand, to finally get things done. You will learn to enjoy presence of moment, giving your mind a feeling of peace and contentment, that you desperately dream of. 

Learn to take your time back, use these effective tools, to get more done each day. This will allow you to also take time to rediscover and do things you LOVE to do.

Essential Practices 

Proven techniques and tools to rejuvenate the four key areas of you, your Mind, Body, Heart, and Spirit. You will be given effective but super easy steps, that can supports massive transformation.  

Stop feeling overwhelmed, take back your power! 

Space For All Things Good

Shift your focus to the things that matter most to you and Energize YOU!

Free up mind space stop brain-fog and recoup your focus, energize yourself. Enjoy what truly excites you Every day…

Welcome the Magic and Freedom

Enjoy the freedom to live happily again, with WISDOM, HOPE, FUN, and CONFIDENCE! 

Letting go of the things bogging you down is MAGICAL. 

Stop feeling weighed down by things you cannot change. You'll LOVE this module!!

The Better Days Blueprint


Slay The Day Planner 

(Value $49)

Learn to prioritize your day and get more done! An effective tool to plan and implement daily tasks.

FREE beautiful crafted planner.  

This planner can be printed or used as a daily workable document.

Bonus #2

Morning Routine Cheat Sheet 

(Value $49)

Leverage your time and focus! Identify your hidden time sucks and distractions so you can achieve your highest potential. Learn to make small adjustments to help you bring in and receive great rewards. This can be printed or used as a workable document.


Empowering Affirmations   

(Value $17)

Simple, short, powerful statements affect the conscious and subconscious mind, which, in turn, affect our behavior and thought patterns.

When you say, think, even hear them, they become thoughts that create your reality.

Print and hang them up as great reminders of your journey!




Weekly Overview Snapshot 

(Value $47)

Optimize and plan your entire week with this timesheet overview. Have fun, gather markers, crayons, paints, etc. to create your masterpiece. Block out personal appointments, work schedules, lunch dates, essential practices, ME TIME, events, etc. This weekly sheet can be printed or used as a workable document.



Your Happiest Life Cheat Sheet 

(Value $67) 

Creating a mindset shift requires repetition. Navigate your happiness transformation by reviewing these simple steps daily. Remember to never stop dreaming and believing in what you can achieve.

Use this sheet to drastically shortcut your success!

Chakra Clearing Sheet 

(Value $97)

Recharge your energy system and feel grounded using this incredibly effective chakra balancing PDF.

Got 15 minutes… use this tool as often as you like so that you can feel balanced and on point daily!


Sparkle Your Day Meditation 

(Value $97) 

Kick your day off with Sparkle and Ease. During this delightful morning meditation enjoy the feeling of flowing and glowing through your day! Spending less than 10 minutes a day will give you peace, calm, balance and time that you didn't think possible! 


Make Your Days Count Digital Journal (Value $67)


Reflect on your week and record accomplishments, gratitude, silver linings, mindful moments, and your desires in a beautifully crafted journal.

Journaling causes you to be introspective with your thoughts and feelings, thereby gaining valuable self-knowledge.


Self-Care Bingo

(Value $47)

A super fun well thought out tool, that motivates you to practice self-care, along with great ideas.

A fun, and unique way to see what you need to work on, and share the concepts with others, especially loved ones!

Complete the bingo squares and see how great self-care feels!


Also, when you take advantage of the Better Days Blueprint 


you get access to

ALL the SUPER bonuses FREE 

“Having no time and no energy, I was just plain burned out, BUT I didn’t know where to start or how to turn it all around. What I knew, for certain, is I had to find a way to enjoy the most precious commodity, TIME, and I needed a way to fix what whatever was bogging me down… 

Better Day Blueprint brought me clarity, wisdom, and a clear path of how to set and reach my goals and dreams!! 

..... and a renewed sense of self-confidence!”

Michele P. 


Once you have implemented the time saving tools for 30 days, if your days are not better with more TIME, ENERGY, AND SMILES in your life - we will give you a full refund.

If you aren’t waking up calm and refreshed after finishing a month of SPARKLE MEDITATION AND CHAKRA CLEARING you deserve your money back, I'll refund your payment.

If you’ve committed 30 days to our mindset shift exercises and haven’t received EMPOWERING TRANSFORMATION we will refund your payment. There is NO RISK... only REWARD!

 Stop time from slipping away, like sand through your fingers, and 

start experiencing a new joy that you didn’t know was right 

there waiting for you

There is no time like the present to cultivate the life you want.

Stop time from slipping away, like sand through your fingers, and start experiencing a new joy that you didn't know was right there waiting for you. 

  • Don’t live another day fighting with the stomach-churning feeling of uncertainty.
  • Wake up tomorrow with more time and energy to connect with your loved ones.
  • Imagine a life where you can spend more time embracing your passions.
  • ​What would it feel like to leave your self-limiting beliefs in the past?
  • ​Start building your future today, so you can enjoy your family, friends and career and look forward to a retirement full of contentment.
The Better Days Blueprint
  • Slay The Day Like A Boss fillable workbook (value $97)
  • Essential Practices For Success fillable workbook (value $97)
  • Space For All Things Good fillable workbook (value $97)
  • Slay The Dragon; Invite In The Magic fillable workbook (value $97)
  • BONUS #1 Slay The Day Like A Boss Daily Planner printable and fillable (value $49)
  • BONUS #2 Morning Routine PDF a proven method for transformation (value $49)
  • BONUS #3 Gorgeous Hand Designed Empowering Affirmations - (value $17)
  • SUPER BONUS #1 Weekly Snapshot Sheet learn your Time Thieves (value $47)
  • SUPER BONUS #2 Happiest Life Cheat Sheet Design YOUR MINDSET (value $67)
  • SUPER BONUS #3 Chakra Clearing Sheet Recharge your Energy System (value $97)

Regular Price - $714

Today's Limited Price - $24

But you don't have to take just our word for it! 

Working with Terriann's courses has given me renewed hope. I no longer feel guilty for investing some time and money on myself. I made the decision to be happy again. I became obsessed on wanting to be happy again. 

It takes courage to open up, be vulnerable, dive in, and make the decision to be happy again!  Terriann is authentic and shares her firsthand experiences and knowledge with raw transparency, which is encouraging and inspirational. I was gently and lovingly helped to accept my story and given a positive outlook to my new confident self.


"Terriann shows us how to cope and how to move forward. 

There is a life to live and love. That is something I have not found elsewhere Being able to organize my self, saves time, and makes time to do what I love!"  

- Kate W

Working with Terriann was life changing for me, she helped me see things from a new perspective and this allowed me to take charge of how I handle my life moving forward in a much better way... Better Days!

The goal was to make me a better me. Thanks to Terriann's program I am able to go through life with the confidence I needed to know that I can do anything I decide to do.

- JENNY H.  

How is Better Day Blueprint different from other programs?

The very thing that makes all of my work different is my holistic approach! Together we address mind, body, heart, and soul, so that you feel better in ALL areas of your life. 

I offer over 40 years grief, growth, and greatness experience just for you. 

When you start this up-leveling program with an eager, (even if cautious) open and ready mindset, I believe you will quickly feel empowered and hopeful for your immediate and long-term future. 

Take a look at our testimonials! This program is well-rounded and you will be amazed how quickly you will feel better. Be sure to take advantage of the daily Sparkle your Day Meditation in the bonus section.



You get this insane low price because I know God has given me a gift to help and support widowed women, SOOOOO this is how I can be a change maker for as many widows across the globe as humanly possible!

Our money-back guarantee makes it easy for you! I am THAT CONFIDENT!

A Little More Client Love

"I’m totally amazed at myself. When I met Terriann I lived with the feeling of overwhelm and very little energy. On the surface, I wasn’t unhappy but secretly I felt flat, like a 7-Up that sat out bubbles!

But now, I feel much more balanced, my confidence is growing more each day. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my chest. My big goal is to legitimately live every day. I have stopped worrying about what others think because I have learned it is NONE of my business! I no longer just go through the motions to please others. I'm happy again!"

- Annie J.  

Let's be honest.....

The average woman’s lifespan is 78-80 years.
Do the Math
This can't be all there is to your life! 

This can be your moment.

The moment you look back on as the turning point. Your moment to set your life up to

look forward to the rest of your days.

 Your moment to invite magic back into your life:

joy, happiness, calm, confidence, love, connection, wonder, creativity – TIME.


You've Got Questions - We've Got Answers


How much time will I need to do this Program?

Each lesson can be completed in well under an hour. You do have the latitude to spend more time reflecting, journaling, and working toward your best days! You get to Decide!

Do you offer refunds?

Yep! We have a money-back guarantee for 30 days! If you really give this program a chance to create your transformation and feel like your life is still stagnant and did not see positive change, reach out to us. We will get on a call and make things right!


I'm helping care for my parents or young children- will this help me?

More than ever you need this program! As a caregiver, along with all of the other demands of your regular life, it is so easy to lose a grip on all of the balls you need to keep in the air. We believe when you take a few minutes a day to take care of yourself, you WILL FEEL MORE PEACE, MORE CALM, AND HAVE MORE TIME to take care of all of your responsibilities.

How quickly will I see results?

We are confident and believe you WILL see results immediately! The act of taking action is hugely powerful!! Add a can-do mindset and you literally feel more pep in your step, hope, and more smiles!

Like any lasting change, repetition is the key to seeing the change, we know, deep down inside you want. 

How is the program rolled out? 

You'll receive a log in and password to your own private portal. 

Everything can be done online or you may print out your lessons, affirmations, planners, PDF's, cheat sheets, etc. The video and recordings are always easily accessed in your portal. 


Will you be adding more programs in the future?

Yes, at Renegade Widow, we offer a selection of options to support our Renegade Widow clients. If you feel you could benefit from some additional support I am happy to hop on a call to chat it over. I'm thrilled to have you as part of our extended

family and want to help in any and all the ways I can. 

See you on the inside!
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Terriann & Cristi here to share with you this easily customized blueprint.

Deliberate Day is just that, a movement to expanding practices for a better day and ultimately a better life, a life full of clarity, hope, and passion. 

A life where you can be, do, and have whatever her heart desires. 


You’ll get so much value from Deliberate Day; 

you’ll be shocked we only charge $37 for such a thing.